In ancient Korea the Hwarang Knights were the most famous and feared warriors in the land.  From within these ranks a sub group of knights known as the Sul Sa emerged as the elite “Knights of the Night”.  They were HwaRang 's special forces, majoring in infiltration, exfiltration, intelligence gathering, and survival.  The sulsa were well versed in armed and unarmed martial arts techniques.  Their training combined many facets of physical and mental development.  The Sul Sa learned techniques for stalking, stealth and fast movement.  Camofluge, climbing, and special warefare techniques were also taught.

Although we have no direct link today to the Sul Sa of old we look to them for inspiration in training advanced warriors in the form of ”Modern Sul Sa”.  Under the direction of Hapkido Master Chad Cantrell the Military Hapkido Institute now offers a formal training program for the "Modern Sul Sa".

The Sul Sa Title is one that is granted to the Student who has completed the Sul Sa Training program.  The Training program will teach students a series of related skills to compliment their physical combat training.  The Sul Sa Training program is presented only to students who have achieved at least the Intermediate level of Hapkido training. The training program offers a unique skill set which includes skills such as:

-Dister Prepairdness

-Natural camouflage

-Escape and Evasion

-Basic Tracking & Counter Tracking

-Wilderness Skills

-Reconnaissance Skills

-Urban Survival


-Unconventional Weaponry

-Stealth Movement and entering methods

Assignments are given to students throughout the year and are tested at the Quarterly Sul Sa training Camps.  

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