The Military Hapkido Institute was founded by Mr. Fernan Vargas.  The Military Hapkido system is a modern eclectic fighting system. With the use of the combat theory and applications taught by our instructors it is possible for even a small person to overcome a larger attacker and survive an encounter. The techniques and theories used in Military Hapkido were developed for Canadian Armed Forces and have been used by civilians, military personnel, and law enforcement officers world wide.  

Military Hapkido is a complete fighting system including military style hand to hand unarmed combat, weapons disarming, grappling, ground fighting, edged weapons training, impact weapons training and police control tactics. The system is being constantly refined so that it remains effective . Whether you are a novice practitioner looking for effective self defense techniques... or you are police or military personnel that faces hostility in the line of duty.  Military Hapkido can work for you.
Anyone can benefit by training in Military Hapkido, whether it's to learn practical self defense or supplement your existing martial arts style.

6537 w. 63rd st.
Chicago, Illinois, 60638


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