Welcome to the Self Defense Products page! We are currently featuring the full line of self defense products, including The Predator as featured in the movie The Men Who Stare At Goats. This is the most versatile Self Defense Weapon on the market today. Perfect for everything from Self Defence, Defensive Tactics, Home Defense, and Women's Self Defense. They are also useful as Martial Arts Training Equipment to teach improvised weapons.


$ 32.00 USD

Designed by James Smith for RAVEN Tactical Systems so they would have knives that could fill the needs of the people they train and that would be practical in all environments.



$ 35.00 USD

The Operator was kept small so it could be carried concealed or by the Spec-Ops community who need a big knife in a small package. It has very little belly to cut deeply with out deflecting away from the target. The tip was kept in line with the handle to aid in piercing and was given a wide profile to add weight and to cause a large wound channel. It was given a long handle with a large return to give many gripping options so you can direct the blade were your need it. The handle also allows for strikes, parries, and control that you will not find on with other handle designs. It was also given a good sized, built in guard to prevent the hand from sliding onto the blade: Overall 10 3/4"Blade 5 1/4"  



$ 30.00 USD

The Guardian was “downsized” to a legal carry length of 3”. The handle was kept the same for faster training and to retain its ability to parry, strike and give you perfect control of the blade. The spirit of the blade was kept but given the right proportions. Specs: Overall: 8 1/2" Blade length: 3"



$ 20.00 USD

The SWAN is the official Self Defense Tool of the Millitary Haokido Institute. This is our CLEAR Swan, which is really two Spec Ops 1’s put together. It is the favorite tool for most of those in the Military who carry a Defender.  These four points just allow you to manipulate an attacker like a rag doll!  This tool is nothing short of just plain rude, and Master Brusso is proud of it!



$ 15.00 USD

The Parrot adds the "beak" to your self defense.  The the beak can be placed over an attackers fingers and break them off you, during a grab.  They can also be used to stop fist attacks or kicks, allow the attacker to run into the sharp beak.  Again, it also has a finger capture hole.


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